Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Background Information

This blog is about the production of a podcast called The Communicast. I want to keep a record of this project, as a way to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges encountered by the people involved in the podcast.

I've been involved in podcasting for a few years now. My personal podcast is about Olde City Philadelphia. Those podcasts are posted on this site:

For the past year, I've also worked on a podcast called The Communicast. I do this as part of my job as a Technology Program Specialist with the School District of Philadelphia. I work behind the scenes, as the producer. It's a collaborative effort, involving students and other teachers in the district.

Last year, we published 6 episodes of The Communicast. The students were from the G.W. Childs Elementary School, and I think they did an excellent job. I hope the experience was both educational and enjoyable for the students. Special thanks go to Ms. Maria DiFlorio, the Technology Teacher Leader at Childs. I couldn't have done it without her!

Here's a link to The Communicast:

This year, we're switching to high school students, from South Philadelphia High School. After we get them started with the actual work involved in making a podcast, we hope that they will work as mentors with the students who participated last year from Childs.

Right now, we're making plans for the first episode, which we hope to have posted by the end of October. I'll be making posts to this blog on a regular basis, documenting the entire process. I'm looking forward to a very successful program with the students at South Philadelphia High School, working along with their computer teacher, Ms. Valerie Howard.


Dime Yonn said...

My name is Yolonda and I didn’t get a chance to record my pod cast yet. My pod cast is on atoms. Atoms are made out of three basic particles:
Protons that carry a positive charge and Neutrons that carry no charge. Both particles together form a nucleus. Electrons carry a negative charge and circle the nucleus. Hopefully I can do my pod cast next week with Mr. Karl.

AprilTaylor said...

Hi! My name is April and I was part of the pod cast. I did my pod cast on African American hair braiding, and why people get them. While doing this pod cast it helped me project my voice and actually let me record something that I like doing with my spare time. It was a fun experience for me because it will allow people on the Internet to see and hear the amount of joy we had doing this pod cast.

jasman said...
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jasman said...

October 10, 2008

My experience of being in a Podcast

Hi! My name is Jasman I experienced creating a podcast. In my podcast I talked about making Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I explained how much flower you should use to make these cookies. My experience of being in a podcast was beautiful.
I liked the fact that I was able to record my voice and no one would know that it was me. Mr. Karl has taught me a lot about doing a podcast and how fun it is, I disagreed at first because I didn’t know any thing about it but once I got to record and know a lot about it I started to enjoy it.

Thank You Mr. Karl for helping me experience producing a podcast.

Anonymous said...

My name is Shaheed and I am a podcaster.
My podcast was about the classroom for the future program (CFF). I liked doing a podcast with Mr. Karl. He taught me a lot about it. At first I didn’t know about it but now I do. This podcast thing was fun and easy.
The (CFF) was talking about the school budget, the teachers, and the students. I had to record 3 times because it didn’t come out correctly but the last time I got it right. I didn’t worry about nothing because I had help from Ms. Howard and Mr. Karl. They helped me a lot, so I owe them. Thanks a lot Ms. Howard and Mr.Karl

Stacey said...

Hi. My name is Stacey, and I did a podcast on Tuesday October 7, 2008. The topic I did was the history of R&B music and what it means. I’ve had experience recording but this time it was harder for me to grasp. This was a big deal for me, recording in front of people, because I am a timid person who is scared to do things in front of people. I don’t hang out on the daily bases but Mr. Karl told me not to be shy. I thought about it and remembered that you always have to be prepared and ready for the real world and this is going out to the world. So I really enjoyed doing it. It was really interesting learning about R&B music. I now think I want to do another podcast on a different topic.