Friday, October 17, 2008

Successes and Challenges

Yesterday, I facilitated a 3 hour session on podcasting with members of the Digital Service Fellows (DSF) Digital Media Team. This was a lot of fun, and the team members learned the basics of podcasting. For most of them, working in GarageBand was relatively new, but since these team members already have a lot of technology skills and knowledge, they understood the concepts quickly.

The culminating activity for them was to produce a short, enhanced podcast of their own. It was great to see the look of pride and accomplishment on their faces as they shared their work.

As a result of this training, plus additional time to practice their skills, they will be able to work with teachers and students in the district who are working on podcasts. This can be a real bonus to our podcast program, having additional support persons in the field. I want to thank their coordinator, Crista, for inviting me to work with them.

The challenge I faced this week was time, or the lack of it. I wasn't able to get to South Phila. HS today to record more segments for our first podcast episode for this year. My goal is to get there twice next week. We have a lot to do to get this first episode ready.

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