Monday, October 6, 2008

First Steps

On Thursday, October 2, I had my second meeting with the students who will be working on the podcast. This time, Ms. Howard and I met with them individually. We discussed specific topics of interest to them, and talked about how they could work on a script about that topic. We also asked some of the students to work on other segments, such as an overview of the CFF program in PA. All students were given a deadline to prepare their first draft by Tuesday, October 7, when I'll return. We hope to be able to start recording segments on that date.

I had a meeting on Friday, October 3, with Crista Collins, a program coordinator who works with the Digital Media Team members, who are part of the DSF program in the district. The Digital Service Fellows provide technology services to the district as part of the Urban Technology Project, established and managed by Edison Freire. Crista had contacted me to schedule some podcasting training for the members of her team. The plan is for them to work directly with school staff to develop podcasts. As we talked, we found that both of us had made plans to work with Valerie Howard at SPHS, without realizing the connection. This should enable the students at SPHS to work on several podcasts, involving more students. I'll work with a class on the Communicast, and a DSF will work with one or more classes to help develop podcasts specifically for South Philadelphia High School.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with the class, and I hope we'll get several tracks recorded. I'll probably do the editing for the first episode myself, but as time goes on, that responsibility will be taken by the students. I want them to take ownership of the program, and develop their skills in editing and producing, as well as writing their segments. I'll keep you posted!

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