Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting Started

Yesterday was our first recording session with the students from South Philadelphia High School. I met Ms. Howard and her students in the computer lab. We then went to the library, where Ms. Howard has a separate room already set up as a TV studio. Her students have a morning announcement program on closed-circuit TV, so we'll be able to use that room as a quiet place for recording the podcast segments.

Before we began, some ground rules were set, including no chewing gum while recording, and keeping quiet in the room as others are recording. We also discussed what to do if a mistake was made...just go back to the beginning of that sentence and begin again. I explained that we can edit out any mistakes.

A young lady named April agreed to be the first to record. We started by having her test the microphone, so we could check the sound levels. She did a great job projecting her voice. I showed her the differences in the audio wavelengths in the GarageBand window as she raised and lowered her voice. These visual cues can help the students as they become more adept at using the equipment.

By the end of the hour, we had 5 segments recorded. That's quite an accomplishment! I want to congratulate April, Joshua, Shaheed, Stacey, and Jasmon for their efforts. All of them had their material prepared, and did their best recordings. I'm looking forward to working with them again, as well as the other students who will be participating. I'll be back on Wednesday, October 15. We have a tight deadline to try and get the first episode published by the end of October. Will we make it? Only time will tell!

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